Air Asia have been a fundamental part of our travels throughout Southeast Asia over the last ten years. Their network, schedule and affordability have enabled us to experience so much of the area. If you haven’t already travelled with Air Asia I’ve outlined a few reasons why you should! I recently jumped at the opportunity to travel with them to Seoul, South Korea! It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a long time and with a few free days in the leave calendar I thought why not?!

Facts first, Air Asia are a low-cost carrier. Their business model gives passengers the flexibility to pay as little or as much as they like to enhance their flight experience. This post is where I get to share the reasons why I love flying with Air Asia.

Air Asia Seoul
About to board Air Asia

Fly With An Award Winning Airline

For nine years in a row Air Asia have proudly won the award for the world’s best low-cost carrier. Too often you’ll hear negative feedback on low-cost carriers so it’s a wonderful achievement for Air Asia to receive this award so consistently.

Kuala Lumpur Stopover

Ok – let’s get the obvious out of the way. Flights with Air Asia from Australia to Seoul go via Kuala Lumpur. If you’ve followed my travels for a while (or even a short time) you know how much I love a stop over in KL. Of course, their fly through options are available as well meaning just a transit visit but if you haven’t experienced the melting pot that is KL make sure you check it out. You can read why I love Kuala Lumpur so much right here.

Air Asia Seoul
Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Airbus Baby – #AVGEEK Alert

Are you Airbus or Boeing? PERSONALLY I prefer the Airbus variety up in the sky and that’s what the Air Asia fleet is all about. You’ll travel on A320’s across their short haul domestic and international routes and the larger A330’s for the longer sectors. To maximise cabin space the A330 which I flew to Seoul on is a 3-3-3 configuration for the economy area plus 12 seats in their premium flat bed section.

Air Asia Seoul
A330 all the way!

Food Choice (and price)

On a lot of low cost carriers where you pay for what you use the food and beverage prices often don’t sit in line with their low cost model. Not on Air Asia! A delicious chicken wrap for just AUD3.00 and two Gin and Tonics for AUD11.00 – well played Air Asia, well played! Their inflight menu is quite extensive and there’s a wide range of hot meals, snacks, sweets and drinks. To ensure you get what you want though I’d definitely recommend pre-booking a meal before you depart.

Quiet Zone? Yes Please!

On Air Asia flights between Australia – Kuala Lumpur – Seoul, passengers can pre-pay for a seat in their exclusive Quiet Zone area. I chose this option for both of my flights that were overnight and believe me it’s well worth the additional fee (Approximately AUD30.00) Situated at the front of the aircraft just behind their flat bed area, seven rows of seats are segregated from the rest of the economy section of the plane. There’s soft ambient lighting throughout the flight, your meals are served first and only passengers aged 10 years and above can sit in the Quiet Zone.

Air Asia Seoul
Hanging out in the Quiet Zone on Air Asia

Upgrades & Spare Seats

Unfortunately for me, fortunately for Air Asia all of my flights with them to and from Seoul were full. However, on previous trips while travelling on their A330 planes we’ve used the spare seat bidding option. By paying a small fee passengers can opt to have one or two spare seats in their row when they travel. It’s definitely worth it as we all know there’s nothing better than being able to stretch out across a whole row! There’s often the option to put in a bid for their flat beds as well.

So Why Seoul?

Well why not?! Seoul is a city that mixes old with new, fun with rules and it’s a melting pot of the hipster vibe, new trends and ancient culture. From bright city lights to greenery and hikes it offers the best of both worlds. Not forgetting the world’s most dangerous border being just a short distance from the centre of town! Seoul has everything. While I was there I ate Korean BBQ, Mexican, Italian, French and Vietnamese. Quirky and exclusive bars are on nearly every corner and there are cafes with cats, dogs, meerkats and racoons to keep you company! I had such an amazing time during my short visit, seeing the sights, hiking, bike riding and visiting the DMZ area. I’ll definitely be writing more about my time in Seoul on the website soon and hopefully I’ll get to re-visit again one day.

Air Asia Seoul
Visiting the beautiful Gyeongbokgung Palace in the centre of Seoul

So if you’re planning a trip to Seoul why not give Air Asia a go? You can book a low fare with Air Asia via their website here.

My flights were kindly sponsored by Air Asia. As always, the opinions are my own.



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