It’s always great meeting other travellers and travel bloggers on the road. Recently I caught up with Kelly Ella Maz and her partner Paul while we were both on Gili Air, Indonesia.


Kelly Ella Maz
Watching the sunset with Kelly Ella Maz on Gili Air


I’ve been following Kelly for a while via Instagram and her website. She is a hotel specialist and always creates an easy to read guide for the destinations she visits. It was great to finally meet (and pick her brain – Kelly is one organised person!)

Here’s a little bit more about Kelly Ella Maz

Name: Kelly Ella Maz


Describe yourself in five words: World-traveller, workaholic, wine-lover and foodie – with a big dose of positive energy 🙂

Where are you from? Toronto, Canada

Where are you now? Travelling through Southeast Asia – currently in Laos!

Where to next? Back to Thailand for Christmas & New Years

Favourite place you’ve visited? Ibiza, Spain – beaches, parties and Spanish wine!

The must read post on your website? How To Look Hot In Your Passport Picture

Why should we read it? Because, who doesn’t want to look good in their passport picture?


You can also follow Kelly’s travels on Instagram by clicking here.

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