Exercise may be the last thing on your mind when it comes to travelling, but it might be necessary if you want to stay in top form during your holidays. Here are some suggestions for equipment that will keep you in shape – all of which will fit in your case.

exercise equipment travel
Morning walks in Bali

Skipping rope

Although it may seem too good to be true, skipping is an extremely effective cardio workout. As highlighted by Smart Cooky, there are several benefits to reap from improving your heart rate to trimming body fat effectively, 10 minutes of skipping is said to be more beneficial than 45 minutes of running.

Consider a weighted skipping rope for an extra burn during your workout. The best thing about skipping is that it fits into the tiniest part of your day, so you won’t be burdened with the thought of a long workout when you wake up.

exercise equipment travel
A skipping rope is perfect for travelling


They don’t have to be the huge ones you find at the gym, but small dumbbells will fit comfortably in your suitcase and provide that added workout in things such as twists, crunches and sit-ups. Again, dumbbells provide quick and easy workouts in a similar vein to skipping – consider training your triceps by raising a dumbbell above your head, palm facing forward, and your arm fully stretched.

Dumbbells are the perfect thing to get your arms working hard, so try combining them in a workout to get your whole body feeling the burn.

Yoga mat

If you’re the kind of traveller who loves to unwind, a yoga mat will be your perfect companion. Find the perfect quiet spot and practice some positions that will relieve stress and provide you with a detox.

Yoga is perhaps surprisingly one of the most effective and beneficial exercises available. It has the ability to reduce anxiety and chronic back and neck pain, through to strengthening your bones and encouraging weight loss. Combine that with the potential to find a secluded spot with a beautiful view, and your exercise will become a whole lot easier.

exercise equipment travel
Why not make a yoga mat a part of your luggage

Running shoes

TINZ recommends them in order to stay fit whilst travelling. Running shoes are versatile, comfortable and almost always come in handy when holidaying. There are countless trails and walks throughout the world that offer a mix of exciting and diverse terrain alongside beautiful views and panoramas. I recently put on my running shoes to tackle the Peak in Hong Kong plus Mt Batur in Bali.

It’s not too challenging an exercise, and when paired with some music and an exciting route to follow, running is one of the most desirable ways to keep fit and healthy whilst on your travels. All you need is a comfortable and suitable pair of shoes.

exercise equipment travel
In my running shoes at Mt Batur, Bali.


Okay, so they might not be exercise equipment per se – but goggles make a particular exercise a lot easier. Swimming is perhaps the most popular activity any tourist will take part in whilst on holiday, whether it be in the pool or at the beach. And, thankfully, it hides many health benefits you may not be aware of.

A quick burst of swimming counts as both cardio and strength training, whilst also improving your lung capacity. Not only that, but it’s great for relieving stress and even making you smarter – swimming increases blood flow to the brain by up to 14%.

So there you have it, five simple pieces of exercise equipment that will fit perfectly into your luggage. Now there’s no excuses! How do you stay fit on holiday? Share your equipment suggestions with us.

3 thoughts

  1. Good stuff Sarah 😉

    I could be spotted running down that road in Bali where you snapped the image. A few times, when we spent months living in quiet villages outside of town.

    I pack a few of these items. I also get creative with nature. Like small lava boulder lifts in Fiji, running up a 100 meter high driveway. Sprinting through the jungle in Costa Rica with a back pack strapped on. Jogging flights of stairs at big apartment buildings in Thailand. The list goes on.

    Good old bodyweight and a pair of sneakers, plus a commitment to being fit, will keep you in amazing shape all over the globe.

  2. Wish i had seen this post before my thailand trip – i didnt know what to pack and even forgot a decent pair of shoes! Doing a mini mountain trek in flip flops was a Sh*t idea!

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