One thing we often spend a lot of money on in Bali is eating out. It’s not the same as being in Thailand or Malaysia where street food is so readily available and incredibly affordable.

The tourist areas of Bali are catered mainly for – you guessed it – tourists! There are upscale restaurants, loads of hipster cafes and beach front bars. On our trip here in 2014 some friends told us about what we now believe to be the best value meal in Kuta. If you’ve been here I’m sure you’ve walked past the high rise night club building that is Sky Garden. Here are the facts:

1 – It’s a nightclub.

2 – It’s open until the wee hours of the morning.

3 – Locals will tell you that you need to be careful there.

4 – They offer the best value meal in Kuta!


Every night from 5pm – 9pm Sky Garden opens its rooftop area for an all you can eat BBQ. A different food genre is on offer each day ranging from Mexican to a traditional Sunday Roast. Along with the themed food there’s also consistent food choices offered such as salads, desserts and the BBQ’d meat section.



best value meal in kuta
Food on offer at Sky Garden Bali


On top of the food, patrons can take advantage of the all you can drink option as well. You can choose between a few different types of beers, cider, soft drinks and a couple of mixers. The package is a mere 99,000IDR per person. That’s just under $10! I challenge you to find me somewhere in the tourist areas of Bali where you can eat a good quality meal and have a couple of drinks for under that amount.

We’ve found the best time to go is right on 5pm. It’s the more ‘family orientated time’ and you won’t have any trouble getting a table. The cooking already started prior to the doors opening so the food is fresh and ready for the taking.

Head to the first floor where you’ll need to pay for the BBQ. You will be issued a wristband to show that you have paid. They do accept credit card if you prefer to leave your wallet at your hotel. Your bags will be searched and if you have a DSLR camera (or any other item they deem inappropriate) you will be provided a locker to store it in. They take down your name so they know who the locker belongs to.

Once you’ve climbed the stairs to the rooftop I would recommend going to the bar first and grabbing your drinks. The drinks are served from one bar on the rooftop (although there are three) and you can order two at a time. Next step – find a table! There are bar stools, or cushioned bench seating. Plenty of options and it’s all open so the natural breeze flows through.

To get your meal simply walk up to the food area and the staff will hand you a plate and cutlery. You are then free to help yourself. Meat portions from the BBQ are limited to one of each per person, per visit to the buffet area. The food is actually really good and there’s a lot to choose from! Multiple salads, breads, sauces, vegetables and rice!



best value meal in kuta
My husbands huge plate of food at Sky Garden Bali


Staff are very efficient and your drinks and plates will be cleared away likely while you’re still chewing your last mouthful. From about 7pm it starts to get busy and by 9pm the next round of revellers have arrived. The music gets louder, the crowd gets younger and so for me, that signals it’s time to go home!

Sky Garden is located on Jalan Legian, opposite Poppies II – Basically, you can’t miss it!



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