Komodo Island National Park isn’t just about seeing those eerie looking dragons. I was pleasantly surprised with the activities we got to take part in during my recent trip with Indonesia Tourism. Postcard worthy beaches, a vibrant underwater world and breathtaking views, it definitely exceeded my expectations. Including the dragons here are 5 things to do in Komodo Island National Park.

things to do in komodo island
Welcome to Komodo Island National Park



Hike Padar Island At sunset

It was great to get a workout in during this trip (to balance out the Bintangs) Padar Island offers incredible views and is well worth the effort getting to the top. There are some fantastic photo opportunities here so grab your sneakers, water bottle and power on up. The views are so crisp and the water looks like silk. If you do head up for sunset be mindful that it does get dark quickly. So either head down again in the last bit of light or take a torch with you.

things to do in komodo island
One of the beautiful views from Padar Island
things to do in komodo island
Stopping for a rest and a quick photo shoot



Sunbathe At Pink Beach

Jumping off our sailing ship was the first exciting part about being at Pink Beach. This beach gets its name thanks to red coral that washes up on shore. Mixed in with the powdery white sand it gives the illusion of a pink colour. Whilst it wasn’t as prominent as I was expecting, up close you can definitely see the bright red specks throughout the sand. There are a few areas along Pink Beach that offer some natural shade so bring your towel and relax!

things to do in komodo island
Spend an afternoon at Pink Beach
things to do in komodo
Jumping off the boat at Pink Beach



Snorkel At Kanawa Island

I’ve been lucky enough to have now snorkelled at a few different places within Indonesia. The underwater world just off the shore of Kanawa Island was a pretty busy place! There was an abundance of colourful fish and coral to see and explore. Kanawa Island has a beautiful sandy beach to relax on so it’s very easy to go back and forth from the water. A small budget standard (not budget price) resort operates on Kanawa Island for those wanting that true remote island experience.

things to do in komodo island
Beautiful Kanawa Island
things to do in komodo island
Beautiful Kanawa Island



Sleep Onboard A Sailing Ship

Our 24 hours onboard the Raja Ampat Explorer was fabulous and it’s how we got transported between all these amazing places. The communal deck was the highlight for me. Relaxing in the afternoon sun and star gazing at night was a wonderful experience. You can read more about my time on the ship here.

things to do in komodo island
My ship for the night
things to do in komodo island
Views from the deck



And last but not least…..

See The Komodo Dragons

The Komodo Dragons are a species of lizard native to this area in Indonesia. I’m not just talking about the regular geckos you often find in your hotel rooms across Southeast Asia. A Komodo Dragon can weigh over 70kg and a male can be nearly 3 meters long! Whilst all the dragons we saw on our visit were happy relaxing in the warm sun, they can move at up to 20km per hour and have the ability to stand on their hind legs and tail when attacking their prey. I found the Komodo Dragons to be quite fascinating. Thankfully my camera lens had a good zoom as I wasn’t too keen on getting close.

things to do
A Komodo Dragon on the move
things to do in komodo island
A Komodo Dragon



I highly recommend a visit to Komodo Island National Park when you’re travelling through Indonesia. The contrast of scenery makes it such a stunning place to see. I personally loved our time on the boat and the Padar Island hike. Not sure I’ll be back in any hurry to visit the Komodo Dragons again.


I was a guest of Indonesia’s Ministry Of Tourism. As always, the opinions are my own. 

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