Allow me to introduce 14 fabulous female travel bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this past year. I’m a very social person and I love getting the chance to meet new people. Especially those with a similar interest to me – travel blogging! So, be prepared to be inspired by these fabulous female travel bloggers……..


The Clumsy Traveler

Californian Sebrin is one of those instantly likeable people. Her free spirit and infectious laugh will make you feel like you’ve known her for ages. Her appropriately named website has some hair raising stories mixed in with raw emotion and her love for seeing the world. Visit Sebrin’s website here

female travel bloggers
Sebrin – The Clumsy Traveler

The Fit Traveller

Skye’s story telling ability is one of a kind. Her posts flow like that of a good book and the cherry on top is her humour and wit. Skye has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health, fitness and wellness – mixed in with luxury travel and inspiring stories her website is one not to miss. Visit Skye’s website here

female travel bloggers
Skye – The Fit Traveller – photo credit: Instagram

Kelly Ella Maz

Canadian Kelly has an eye for luxury travel and is probably one of the hardest working female travel bloggers I know – while making it all look so easy! She also runs a hotel consulting business AND has created a travel blogging e-book. Kelly and her partner have been travelling full time for a couple of years now and are about to head off for a European summer adventure. Visit Kelly’s website here

female travel bloggers
Kelly – Kelly Ella Maz

Travels Of A Beauty Addict

A Brit in Bangkok with the know for the best in beauty, rooftop bars, fashion and dining. Her enviable weekend trips to the stunning beaches of Thailand will have you turning green. Rebecca is beautifully down to earth and it was an absolute pleasure catching up with her in Bangkok. Visit Rebecca’s website here

female travel bloggers
Rebecca – Travels Of A Beauty Addict

The Island Drum

Based on the Malaysian Island of Langkawi Vanessa spends her time writing everything you need to know about visiting her adopted home and other areas of Southeast Asia. Vanessa possesses a unique quality in that she can easily strike up a conversation with anyone. Thanks to this she has a great collection of ‘selfie’ photos with whoever she meets. She’s the proud mum to several cats and her newest addition, a chicken called Brendan (who was originally Brenda) Visit Vanessa’s website here

female travel bloggers
Vanessa – The Island Drum


Beer And Croissants

Kerri’s site name has to be one of my favourites – I mean who doesn’t love beer and croissants right? Bringing the love of food she’s sampled overseas back to her kitchen in Brisbane, Australia her site offers an abundance of culinary delights from all over the world. Kerri also makes for an excellent airplane travel buddy. Visit Kerri’s website here

female travel bloggers
Kerri – Beer and Croissants

The Sweet Wanderlust

A Texan living in New Zealand who loves adventure, don’t let Brittany’s sweet smile fool you. She’ll zorb down steep hills, dive with sharks and she’s just completed ALL of Queenstown’s bungy jumps. Her penchant for sweet treats will have you wandering if she’s at the gym 23 hours a day to work them all off. Visit Brittany’s website here

female travel bloggers
Brittany – The Sweet Wanderlust

Tieland To Thailand

Angela is one half of Tieland to Thailand. Together with her husband Chris these guys can help you plan your perfect Thailand itinerary or guide you on how to make the move to ‘The Land Of Smiles’ Through beautiful photography and daily Periscopes Angela is the go to gal for Thailand! She’s smart, funny, speaks Thai and was able to keep up with my wine drinking skills. Visit Angela’s website here

female travel bloggers
Angela – Tieland To Thailand – photo credit Instagram

Anita Hendrieka

My sister from another mother (is that even a phrase?) In her company it’s very easy to forget that Anita is 10 years younger than me as she’s wise beyond her years. Through her website you can find out hundreds of tips on how to be a smarter budget traveller. Anita will soon be leaving the land of the long white cloud to call England home. Visit Anita’s website here

female travel bloggers
Anita – Anita Hendrieka

Curious Claire

Claire’s dry wit will keep YOU curious for a while when you first meet her but she is one of the sweetest female travel bloggers I’ve met so far. The world really became small when I started chatting to Claire. Turns out we grew up around 20 minutes away from each other in England. She can’t stay in one place for too long, after spending three months in SE Asia she hopped a plane to hike in Switzerland within a week of coming home! Hope you didn’t wear denim this time Claire! Visit Claire’s website here

female travel bloggers
Claire – Curious Claire

That’s So Farah

Lawyer by weekday, adventurer by weekend, Farah maybe small in size but she has a big wanderlust for the outdoors. She so kindly took me out for a day when I was in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year. Having a local show you around is always the BEST. We did a lot of eating, chatting and picture taking – normal blogging stuff right there! Visit Farah’s website here

female travel bloggers
Farah – Thatsofarah – photo credit: Instagram

Our 3 Kids V The World

Sally’s three kids are some of the most well travelled people I know under the age of 12! This family of five are often in Southeast Asia immersing themselves in different cultures, foods and experiences. Her website provides excellent advice on family travel, how to find the best deals and all the ups and downs that occur. A fellow Melbournite, it’s been great having a blogging yarn with Sally a couple of times.  Visit Sally’s website here

female travel bloggers
Sally – Our 3 Kids V World

San Pedro Scoop

If you don’t want to see bee-yoooo-tiful photos of Belize then don’t visit Rebecca’s website. San Pedro is her home and it looks like absolute paradise. I hope I can visit one of these days. A blogging machine, Rebecca posts on her site pretty much everyday and it’s the go to website for anyone heading to Belize. Chilled out and a good laugh sums up Rebecca pretty well. Visit Rebecca’s website here

female travel bloggers
Rebecca – San Pedro Scoop

Journalist On The Run

Professional in blogging and professionally Irish, Janet is one hard working female travel blogger with that Irish sense of fun. Accomplishing so much before turning 30, Janet has written for major publications and received many blogging awards. Headstrong and witty Janet will later this year head off on a little adventure. Cork to Cape Town without taking one single flight! Visit Janet’s website here

female travel bloggers
Janet – Journalist On The Run – photo credit Instagram


Make sure you check out all these female travel bloggers on social media as well. Their stories and photos will leave you with a serious case of wanderlust!


This list is based on my own opinions. For the benefit of my readers I chose female travel bloggers that I have met who write in English. 

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  1. Thanks so much for including me! You are pretty fabulous yourself! Oh and don’t worry, I didn’t wear denim when hiking in Switzerland. I’m never making that mistake again! 😉

  2. Wow Sarah! You actually brought tears to my eyes. What an honor to be included with all these fabulous female travel bloggers! I was very happy to finally meet you in real life this year and certainly look forward to our next encounter. (Hopefully it will be on a gorgeous beach somewhere.. :D) **Brendan sends his love. xoxo

  3. Ahhhh Kerala…my first encounter with selfie sticks! Thank you SOOO much you awesome person…love this list and it’s the perfect 4th of July surprise for this American in Belize. Can’t wait to see all 29 of you guys again…give or take. 😉 As I ALWAYS say…Stay Fit.

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